Victoria Ives

Hi guys! If you're here you likely already know but my name is Victoria Ives O.K.A FelineFuckDoll. I'm a cam model and content creator. I cam weekly and film weekly or every other week as well. My Snapchat features behind the scenes content from my shoots as well as posts from my cam shows and of course daily lewd content. =]

A little bit about me, i'm a big nerd who loves anime and hentai as well as games. I'm getting into Cosplay as well so you'll get plenty of behind the scenes post's from that as well!

I love making fun different content for my supporters and hope you enjoy the fuck outta your subscription! =D

Starting from $20/monthly

About me


Hobbies Skating, Gaming, Cosplaying, fetish parties.
Height 5'3
Weight 125
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light brown
Body Measurement 36 Bust 26 waist 36 hips
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